Kitchen Cabinets' Durability Performance Comparison

- May 25, 2020-

In Kitchen Cabinets, we often encounter wall cabinets, including the doors of floor cabinets, which are frequently opened and closed. Durability is also the key to choosing Kitchen Cabinets.

Traditional Cabinet Kitchen Cabinets: The life of Kitchen Cabinets is about 10-15 years. If the maintenance is good, it can be close to 15 years, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it may only be a few years or even shorter. Over time, a series of problems such as cracking, deformation, mold, rot, etc. continue to appear, and even proper maintenance can only delay some use time.

All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets: It can be used for 30-50 years, and it will be used under normal conditions. It will not deform, absorb moisture and have a small temperature expansion coefficient, so it will not deform. The surface hardness reaches 10 degrees or more, which ensures Kitchen Cabinets is durable. Surface heat transfer process, no foam, mildew and rot.