Knowledge Points of Customizing Wardrobes

- May 26, 2020-

The first is the unit type. Wardrobes is the preferred sliding door for small units. I believe everyone knows that Wardrobes does not need to reserve the opening space of Wardrobes to save space. Small-family home improvement should avoid flashy design, space is limited, practical is more critical.

For larger units, you can choose to hide the door Wardrobes or a small cloakroom. If the room is spacious enough, you can choose the walk-in Wardrobes.

If the apartment type is defective, customizing Wardrobes can also solve the trouble that the finished Wardrobes do not fit the apartment. In irregular spaces, use every inch of space reasonably, and custom-made Wardrobes can also cover beams and pillars to make Wardrobes more beautiful.