Line Planning for Kitchen Cabinets

- Dec 17, 2019-

What is the kitchen line? The kitchen moving line refers to a series of routes from washing, cutting, cooking, and placing dishes. To make the kitchen's moving line smoother, it is necessary to start with the space layout of the kitchen, and the layout of the cabinets must be based on the kitchen's layout. According to the size of the space, there are commonly U-shaped, L-shaped, I-shaped, two-shaped cabinets.

1.U-shaped kitchen cabinet

This kitchen layout is the most ideal, and the space is relatively large. In terms of space division, the areas of washing, cutting, cooking, and placing dishes can be clearly divided. It is also the best in space utilization and the most reasonable moving line. .

2.L-shaped kitchen cabinet

This is the most common kitchen layout. Most people can arrange it in their homes. Put the sink in front of the window, and you can have better visibility to wash dishes. However, this kind of kitchen layout is a bit awkward. The washing area is very It is difficult to accommodate two people at the same time, only one person can wash vegetables.

3.I-shaped kitchen cabinet

This design is generally used in small-sized houses. Open kitchens are the most common. Such kitchens generally have short operating tables and small space, so more consideration is given to storage space, such as using the wall space for storage.

4. Two-shaped kitchen cabinet

A double-shaped kitchen cabinet, also known as a corridor kitchen, has a small door at the end of the kitchen. It is to establish two rows of working and storage areas along the two opposite walls. The two rows of opposing cabinets must be at least 120cm apart. To ensure there is enough space to open the cabinet door.