Maintenance suggestions for Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

- May 26, 2020-

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets are simple and stylish, with the characteristics of wear resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, and easy decontamination. Generally, they do not require special maintenance and care. Just pay attention to the following points during daily use:

1. Do not hit or wipe the surface of the  Veneer Kitchen Cabinets door with sharp metal objects to protect the surface from scratches and affect the appearance.

2. Do not use products containing thinners or ketones to clean the Kitchen Cabinets door, because these things can cause deformation and aging of the edge bands around the wardrobe.

3. Cleaning method: daily care cleaning Kitchen Cabinets can be wiped with a soft and soft fiber cloth. If there are hard to clean residues on the surface, 10% neutral cleaning machine fluid can be used for cleaning.