Market Development of China Laundry Cabinet

- Jun 15, 2020-

The rapid development of China's real estate industry has spurred the prosperity of the entire building materials and home furnishing industry, and has achieved the booming development of the bathroom industry today. The sanitary ware industry chain extends from the original sanitary ware and hardware sanitary ware to bathroom cabinets, shower rooms to the latest smart toilet lids. Sanitary ware companies began to pay attention to the changes in Laundry Cabinet's potential market.

Laundry Cabinet is optional as an accessory to washing machines. It has a somewhat awkward position in the building materials and household products category. Regardless of industry scale, enterprise strength, business philosophy, and brand awareness, laundry cabinet companies cannot compare with sanitary ware companies. So, what is the development status of domestic Laundry Cabinet companies?

1. Starting in the 1990s, the strength of enterprises is generally small

It is understood that there are only a handful of domestic enterprises specializing in the production of laundry cabinets, mainly distributed in Shanghai, Wenzhou and Taizhou. According to insiders, the annual output value of the largest domestic professional manufacturer of laundry cabinets does not exceed 150 million yuan, and the annual output value of the top three companies is about 80 million yuan. At present, the strength of Laundry Cabinet companies is generally weak, and there is no brand awareness.

2. Small market channels and insufficient innovation, but enterprises "live" easily

Laundry Cabinet is a niche product that is not a necessity for most consumers. Because of the small number of companies producing laundry cabinets, the competitive environment is relatively small. It is understood that the "cake" of the laundry cabinet has attracted the attention of bathroom cabinet enterprises, and a few bathroom cabinet enterprises in Foshan and Xiaoshan have also begun to produce laundry cabinets.

3. Customize your home or become the "engine" of Laundry Cabinet

Full house customization and full bathroom customization are currently hot topics in the home building materials industry, and custom laundry cabinets will also usher in a big "bonus". At present, the market is dominated by space aluminum laundry cabinets and stainless steel laundry cabinets, but with the pull of custom homes, custom laundry cabinets will become mainstream.