Master Maintenance Skills of Kitchen Cabinets to Increase Its Service Life

- Jul 13, 2020-

At present, Kitchen Cabinets has a wide selection of materials, and Kitchen Cabinets maintenance methods are also different. For Kitchen Cabinets used for a long time, how many people want to know how to remove the oil stains on the surface. This article will share some tips for you!

1. Try to clean the surface of Kitchen Cabinets in time after every cooking, because it will not be so easy to clean after a long time. If there are kitchen cabinets with solid wood at home, it is best to wax and clean them in about 3 months. This way Kitchen Cabinets will be more shiny and look more comfortable.

2. Put a little vinegar with a clean rag and add some water to soak it. It is effective to remove oil stains on the surface of Kitchen Cabinets. The use of bleaching powder to clean up the fumes on Kitchen Cabinets is very effective.

3. The cleaning and maintenance methods of kitchen cabinets are different according to different materials. Kitchen cabinets made of logs should be cleaned with a clean cloth. The special maintenance solution for logs should be wiped. Try to wipe them with a dry cloth, away from wet cloth Oily cleaning cloth. The natural quartz stone is usually wiped with a rag, but it cannot be wiped with an excessively irritating cleaning agent, as this will damage the gloss of the cabinet surface and stay away from strong acidic cleaning agents.

4. Kitchen Cabinets should be kept clean frequently. It should be cleaned once in a while. If there is no other cleaning agent, alcohol can also be used, but it must be diluted to about 80% Because the alcohol will evaporate, it will also have a good sterilization and mildew proof effect.