Material of Modern Kitchen Cabinet

- Jun 17, 2020-

Now everyone has their own ideas and opinions on the cabinets at home, and they have high requirements for the materials of the cabinets, instead of choosing a material casually. So, this article will share with you what materials Modern Kitchen Cabinet have, and I hope to help you.

1. High gloss UV material

Many Modern Kitchen Cabinets use high-gloss UV materials because of its modern feel. And it has good fire and moisture resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation properties. The surface of the high-gloss UV board has been treated with bright light, the color is very bright, the service life is long, and it is very environmentally friendly.

2. Membrane pressure material

The membrane pressure material is processed by a vacuum molding machine, and is a plate produced at a high temperature under a compressed environment. The Modern Kitchen Cabinet made of membrane pressure material is very delicate, environmentally friendly, not easily deformed, cracked, etc. Membrane-pressed cabinets are very popular due to their colorful colors and various shapes.

3. Double facing material

The double-finish base material is particle board, which is specially processed on the base material of particle board. It has a scratch-resistant, acid and alkali resistant surface layer, and is pasted with colored decorative paper on the surface of melamine paper.Therefore, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are very good. Its rich colors is suitable for cabinet color combination, so the materials used in Modern Kitchen Cabinet are widely used.

So much for the materials of the Modern Kitchen Cabinet. I hope I can help you to choose the right materials according to your own decoration style and preferences