MDF - Bad Wardrobes Material

- May 24, 2020-

MDF is also called solid wood particle board. The price of solid wood particle board is relatively cheap and has good plasticity. This kind of board is mainly used for custom-made Wardrobes, but the stability of this kind of board is relatively poor, and the waterproof and moisture proof performance is relatively poor. If the surface of the Wardrobes board is damaged, it will be easily affected by moisture, and it will expand and be damaged after not long. The most annoying thing is that after installing Wardrobes, this kind of board will have a big smell because it is made of a lot of glue. Its formaldehyde and benzene pollution is very large, even after a long period of time, there will still be a lot of odor, I advise everyone to make Wardrobes do not choose this kind of plate.