Moisture-proof Knowledge of Bathroom Cabinets

- Jun 05, 2020-

1. When we choose Bathroom Cabinets, we should not only look at the appearance and shape of the product, but also pay attention to the inside and back of the Bathroom Cabinets. The surfaces of Bathroom Cabinets are coated with special waterproof coatings, which can be easily wiped if splashed with water. However, if water splashes on the back and inside of Bathroom Cabinets, it will not be easily wiped off and may corrode the material. Many bathroom cabinet manufacturers will do some waterproof treatment on the back of the Bathroom Cabinets, it is better to have such protection.

2. To maintain air circulation in the bathroom. No matter what kind of materials the Bathroom Cabinets are made of, it will inevitably be eroded in a humid environment for a long time. We usually pay more attention to cleanliness and hygiene. If you want to extend the service life of Bathroom Cabinets, keep the air circulation in the bathroom and the floor dry.