Notes For Moving Laundry Cabinet

- Jun 14, 2020-

The size of Laundry Cabinet is very large, you need to pay attention to it when handling. If you leave Laundry Cabinet with an ugly mark due to negligence, then it will be too late to regret it!

1. Pay attention to the weather when carrying

Many people like to move on sunny days and the sun, because they feel that such weather is better than when it is raining on cloudy days. In fact, this is not the right time for the handling of Laundry Cabinet. When the sun is very large, the Laundry Cabinet will be exposed to sunlight. Prolonged exposure will make the external color darker and yellow, and the internal parts will also be damaged due to the heating function.

2. Handle with care when handling

When handling the Laundry Cabinet, we should not put too much effort on it. The overall design of the current Laundry Cabinet is very user-friendly, which is in line with the current user group. If we are too strong, it will affect the distance between the bottom of the Laundry Cabinet, which will deform the Laundry Cabinet, which is not conducive to our later use.

3. Avoid squeezing during handling

In order to speed up the transportation, some people stuff all the items into the Laundry Cabinet, which can reduce the number of back and forth. In fact, this is not good.