Of bathroom ark maintain common sense

- Jan 09, 2019-

1, the bathroom cabinet in handling, should be light lift light put, do not drag hard; Place, the ground is uneven, should pad the legs solid;

2, do not put in the sun insolation bathroom cabinet, also do not put too much in a dry place, in a suitable place for ventilation;

3, the bathroom cabinet has cracks, can be used paint and pigment mixing embedded plug, in order to maintain a long time is not bad, but the putty and pigment and the original pigment color and luster is consistent, so as to avoid leaving scars;

A burn mark: the coke mark that fireworks leaves in bathroom ark face, if lacquer face is scorched, can go up in toothpick bag on A fine grain hard cloth, brush gently wipe mark, besmear next A thin vinegar, coke mark can be eliminated.

B ironing mark: white ironing mark is left on the bathroom cabinet. Generally, it can be wiped with a cloth wet with alcohol, toilet water and kerosene.

C. Water stain mark: the mark on the bathroom cabinet with a wet cloth. Press the wet cloth carefully with an iron, and the mark will disappear.

D abrade: abrade of lacquer face of bathroom ark, did not touch the woodiness below lacquer, can use the crayon with same ark color or pigment, in the wound face daub of ark, in order to cover the base color that appear, next transparent fingernail is thin the ground is besmeared on one can.

4, often use a soft cloth for the bathroom cabinet to dust, dust, soft cloth with a little spray cleaning agent, do not wipe with a dry cloth;

5, regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, with a layer of wax paste wax for the bathroom cabinet;

A remove the watermark: use A clean blotting paper to spread on the water mark on the bathroom cabinet surface, use A hot iron to weigh on it, also use toothpaste to smear it, and then wipe it dry and wax it.

B. White mark removal: apply the mixture of soot and lemon juice to the cloth, dry and wax it.

6. Daily cleaning of bathroom cabinet: daily cleaning of ceramic basin can be done with water, detergent and soapy water;

7, the pottery and porcelain basin Nick processing of bathroom ark: surface of pottery and porcelain basin should often keep clean, dirt sand removes surface of one party grind in time, when surface of pottery and porcelain basin appears Nick, can besmear a few toothpaste in Nick place, wipe repeatedly with soft dry cloth, in waxing, can make the surface of bathroom ark smooth if new.

Because the place place of bathroom ark is in an environment, can often contact water, the environment is more humid, need to pay attention to maintain more than the cabinet of other utility bathroom ark, want to add attention to ability to make bathroom ark in detail service life is long.