Paint Cabinet Kitchens Maintenance Advice

- May 27, 2020-

1. The door panel of the Paint Kitchen Cabinets has high hardness, but it is still necessary to avoid sharp objects from knocking on the surface of the door panel during use. Try to avoid violent impact on the doors of Kitchen Cabinets.

2. In the process of using Kitchen Cabinets, try to avoid liquid substances staying on the surface of the door panel for a long time, so as not to corrode the paint film of the door panel.

3. Paint cabinet cabinets door panels should avoid long-term high temperature and direct sunlight on the door panels during use.

4. Do not use rigid cleaning cloths or steel balls to clean the surface of Kitchen Cabinets door panels.

5. Daily care cleaning Kitchen Cabinets can be wiped with a soft and soft fiber cloth. If there are hard to clean residues on the surface, use 10% neutral cleaning machine fluid to clean.