Panels for Producing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

- Dec 14, 2019-

The common materials on the market for kitchen cabinet door panels are acrylic, lacquer, plastic, crystal steel, solid wood, multilayer solid wood, and particle board.

1.Acrylic door panel

The surface of the acrylic door panel is very smooth and easy to clean. The disadvantage of the acrylic door panel is that it is relatively easy to change color, such as white will easily turn yellow, and the price of acrylic door panel will be a little more expensive.

2.Paint door panel

After painting, the paint door panels that enter the drying room to be heated and dried can be divided into many types, including UV paint, piano paint, wood paint, etc. In addition, the surface is matte and bright. Both the matte and bright surfaces are smooth It is very easy to clean. The disadvantages of the painted door are that it is easy to scratch and scratch, but the door is not often scratched, so you don't have to worry about using the painted door.

3. Blister door panel

Plastic door panels can do many shapes. If you want to make some concave door panels, you can choose to consider using plastic door panels. The disadvantage is that poor quality plastic door panels are easy to deform.

4.Crystal steel door

The crystal steel plate is very easy to clean, and the waterproof effect is also very good. However, the crystal steel door panel has very obvious color difference under different light irradiation, and it does not look high-grade enough.

5.Solid wood door panels

The solid wood door panel for the cabinet looks very atmospheric and the texture of the solid wood is full, but the solid wood door panel will be more expensive and easily deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity.

6.Multi-layer solid wood door panel

The surface of the multi-layer solid door is a layer of facing paper. The board of this material is not easy to clean, and the edge band is also easy to crack after being wet.

7. Particle board door

The particle board door is similar in nature to the multi-layer door board. The surface is dirty and difficult to clean. At the same time, it is easy to seal and crack when it is wet, so it is not recommended.