Performance Comparison of All-aluminum And Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

- May 25, 2020-

1. Moisture-proof performance: Compared with ordinary rooms, kitchen materials have higher requirements for moisture-proof, second only to bathrooms and toilets, so the moisture-proof performance of materials will affect the service life of Kitchen Cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets: Most of them use solid wood, particle board, baking paint, plastic blister and other materials. They are prone to mold and rot if they are afraid of water and moisture.

All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets: It is made of aluminum alloy profile, with aluminum alloy metal characteristics. It is not afraid of water or moisture. It can be rinsed and cleaned directly with water, and will never rot.

2. Practical performance:

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets: When cleaning Kitchen Cabinets, the use of water and detergents will inevitably damage the cabinets. On the one hand, it is a dilemma. Poor quality Kitchen Cabinets may even foam due to cleaning. Cleaning up is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets: It is relatively simple to clean all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets. You can clean, rinse and soak at will. Don't worry about damaging the cabinet at all.