Practical Wardrobes Design

- Jun 02, 2020-

1. Open clothes hanging area

If Wardrobes are large enough, the easiest way is to reserve an open clothes hanging area in the closet, where you can hang temporarily changed and often changed clothes, which is very convenient and practical, and can also maximize the space. Simple and beautiful.

2. Doorless Wardrobes in the cloakroom

If there is a cloakroom in the house, the cloakroom can be made into an independent small space. Wardrobes inside can be installed without cabinet doors. After entering the cloakroom, you can quickly and easily find any clothing you want to wear, no need to turn the wardrobe .

Third, the glass door Wardrobes

If you don't like to open the wardrobe door to turn when you are looking for clothes, then make a glass door wardrobe. The clothes you often wear are hung in the glass cabinet. When you want to wear it, you can see it at a glance. Just open the door and remove it. It is also very convenient.

4. Wardrobes

The use of cloth curtains to make Wardrobes doors is a relatively popular design in recent years. The cloth curtain is used as a wardrobe door. Close the cloth curtain to avoid dust entering the wardrobe on weekdays. When looking for clothes, open the curtain. The overall Wardrobes are clear at a glance, practical and convenient.

Five, Wardrobes open grid

If it is a whole wall-mounted wardrobe in the bedroom, it is easy to make the space appear crowded, then it may be better to reserve an open space in the middle of the wardrobe. Whether it is the convenience of temporary storage or the visual sense, it is very practical and generous.