Precautions For Choosing Kitchen Cabinets’ Color

- Jun 09, 2020-

1. The color selection of Kitchen Cabinets should reflect the sense of hierarchy, it is best to choose different colors of the same color system as the main color, or to select colors with far different color values to match

PS: The color of the kitchen space should be limited to three, otherwise it will give people a sense of clutter.

2. The kitchen with small space should not use black Kitchen Cabinets, it will reduce the space area. The light color system should be used to make up for the depression of the space and make the space more spacious and bright.

3. It is better not to choose neutral colors for overall Kitchen Cabinets. It is better to choose colors with higher brightness, such as: white, milky white, fruit green, blue, light yellow, etc. In addition, orange, orange, brown and other jumping colors are also available, which can stimulate appetite and start the eye effect.

4. If the area of the kitchen is small, or the light is not good, do not buy dark Kitchen Cabinets, otherwise the kitchen will appear depressed and dull.