Precautions For Cleaning of Marble Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 09, 2020-

1. Pay attention to cleaning the Kitchen Cabinets table regularly. The method is to wipe the residue with a rag. Wet the marble top regularly with cold water. Do not use hot water unless there are hard objects on the marble floor. Use mild detergent to clean the marble.

2. If you want to dry and polish the marble Kitchen Cabinets countertop, use dry towels or paper towels. Sometimes I find that marble needs deep cleaning. In this case, more than a mild detergent is needed. You also need to consider buying high-quality marble cleaning products. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. If necessary, purchase marble polish to seal the marble.

3. Choose different cleaning methods according to different Kitchen Cabinets stains. Pay attention to beer, wine, tea and citrus juices will damage the elegance of marble. To clean these stains, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia to make a solution. Scrub the marble with a clean rag until it restores its luster. Edible oil or other types of oil products can contaminate marble. Therefore, wash with soap and water in time.