Precautions for Kitchen Cabinets Countertop

- May 28, 2020-

1. The hot pot and hot water bottle should not be in direct contact with Kitchen Cabinets, preferably placed on the pot rack.

2. Avoid touching the countertops and door panels with sharp objects during operation to avoid scratches. No matter what kind of countertop you choose, you should cut vegetables on the cutting board to cook food.

3. The countertops of general materials have bubbles and gaps. If the colored liquid penetrates into them, it will cause stains or discoloration. Therefore, avoid placing dyes or hair dyes directly on the kitchen cabinets.

4. Chemical substances will erode the countertops of Kitchen Cabinets. For example, the stainless steel countertop may rust if it is stained with salt, so you should usually avoid placing soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the countertop.

5. Kitchen Cabinets should avoid standing water on the table for a long time.