Regular Maintenance of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets to Increase Service Life

- Jul 11, 2020-

Kitchen Cabinets made of solid wood are both beautiful and textured. But its most fatal disadvantage is that we are easily scratched by sharp objects during use. Once scratches appear, Kitchen Cabinets will become unsightly.

Regular maintenance of solid wood Kitchen Cabinets is very important. We can wax regularly to coat the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets every 3 months. Before polishing the solid wood Kitchen Cabinets, check whether the surface of the paint layer is intact. For the newer solid wood Kitchen Cabinets, the surface dust should be wiped off with a fine cotton cloth. For stains that are too long or difficult to remove, use a small amount of gasoline or alcohol to wipe the cotton cloth. Then use a small piece of cotton cloth to apply a large amount of glazing wax over a large area, then wipe it with a larger dry cloth.