Routine Maintenance For Wardrobes

- Jun 01, 2020-

1. Wardrobes is placed stably: to ensure that Wardrobes is always in a stable state. Long-term unstable placement will affect the service life of Wardrobes.

2. Ventilation: Keep the room fresh and dry, so as to avoid the mildew phenomenon caused by the moisture in Wardrobes.

3. Avoid scratching hard objects: prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting the track, scratching Wardrobes and door panels, otherwise it will cause damage to Wardrobes.

4. Avoid liquid solvents: In addition to the difficult dirt that needs to be wiped with water, under normal circumstances Wardrobes' edge seals should not touch water and other liquid solvents to prevent the edge seals from falling off.

5. Do long-term protection of Wardrobes: Camphor and tobacco leaves can be placed in Wardrobes to prevent borers and cockroaches.

6. Avoid direct sunlight: Wardrobes should be placed in a place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight, because long-term direct sunlight will cause the paint on the surface of the wardrobe to degrade, which affects the appearance.