Size and Storage of Kitchen Cabinet

- Dec 19, 2019-

Size of Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets also need to pay attention to the size problem, pay attention to the height of the cabinet floor cabinet, the height of the cabinet, the width of the countertop.

1. Cabinet Height

The height of the general cabinet is 820-850mm. If the height of the kitchen cabinet in your home is lower than 820mm, you may need to bend over when you wash vegetables, so cooking will be tiring, so it is recommended not to make it too short. In addition, if your family's height is very high, it is recommended to make 850-880mm, the height of this cabinet should be determined according to the family's height.

2. Cabinet Height and Depth

The depth of the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen cabinet will be slightly different, which depends on the height of the chef at home and the depth of the floor cabinet. The depth of the workbench is preferably about 60cm. The depth of most hanging cabinets is between 30 ~ 45cm. The distance between the hanging cabinet and the floor cabinet depends on the depth of the cabinet.

3. Depth of The Countertop

The width of the countertop is generally 600mm. If your kitchen is relatively small, you can also choose a width of 550mm.




Storage of Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets should not overlook the storage aspect. There are a lot of things in the kitchen, so you must store them well so that they don’t look messy. It is recommended to install more baskets, drawers, and pendants.

There are many kinds of cabinet pull baskets to choose from. You can choose according to the space of your cabinet. For example, if there is a high cabinet in your home, you can buy a high cabinet pull basket, which can store a lot of things.

It is recommended to install several drawers in the cabinet. The drawer is very convenient for storing. With several classification grids, you can sort and store different items.