Sliding Door Closet Purchase Considerations

- Jun 16, 2020-

1. Edge sealing of sliding door


The edging of sliding doors will have a certain impact on the quality of the wardrobe. Generally, the edges of good quality edge banding are smooth and natural, and look relatively flat and compact. Sliding Door Closet is not prone to quality problems.


2. Wheel track sound


Currently, Sliding Door Closet on the market uses two sets of pulleys. The upper pulley is mainly used as a guide, and is installed on the top of the sliding door, but it is also relatively easy to go wrong. If the sliding door is noisy when it is pushed, the quality of this sliding door is relatively poor, so do not buy it.


3. Safe door panel


There are many sliding door panel materials on the market, among which glass materials are more popular. So be careful when choosing, the quality of the glass material affects the price and quality of the wardrobe door.It is recommended to choose unbreakable glass, which will not hurt people. If there are children at home, it is recommended not to install glass sliding doors to prevent potential safety hazards, because the glass material is heavier . 


4. Appropriate rail height


The height of the guide rail will affect the service life of the wardrobe door. When purchasing, choose a rail that has a good foot feel and is easy to be cleaned. Especially for families with children and the elderly, the rail height should not exceed 5mm.