Small Apartment Housing- I Shape Kitchen Cabinets Is The Most Suitable!

- Aug 31, 2020-

Now more and more users choose small-sized houses, but also because of the small area, the kitchen space is insufficient, which makes some users feel that the daily cooking operation is very inconvenient. Therefore, for small-sized users, it is important to choose and design Kitchen Cabinets correctly!

For small-sized kitchens, we recommend choosing I type Kitchen Cabinets. One-line kitchen layout: It is the layout design of Kitchen Cabinets with I. The narrow width and large length of the kitchen is most suitable for the I type layout, because the kitchen area can only be designed by Kitchen Cabinets on one side. The worktops are all on the same straight line, and the kitchen appliances and storage layout are very compact. When cooking, the whole process is compressed on the same straight line, and the walking distance is short and fast.