Some Common Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 23, 2020-

1. The Nordic style Kitchen Cabinets are especially suitable for small apartment houses. Not only can the maximum use of natural light be used to enhance the brightness of the indoor light, but also the white space is matched with the wood color cabinet to make the space more visually open.

2. The doors of the vintage Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinets use sea blue as the main color. The open kitchen is consistent with the interior space in color, and the use of light strips adds more layering to the overall space.

3. Many simple European style Kitchen Cabinets are now slowly adding a lot of modern design, which is more humanized and multifunctional in function, giving people a sense of warmth and belonging.

4. American style Kitchen Cabinets are more distinguished in the shape of the door panel and the overall color matching of the careful machine, the suction shaped door panel and the characteristic handle, interpreting the elegance and speciality of the American style.

5. Japanese style Kitchen Cabinets are more refreshing in color, pay attention to break away, streamline items, more tidy in home life, bring visual comfort.