Some Special Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel Materials

- Jul 01, 2020-

Acrylic type: Acrylic has excellent weather resistance, good aging resistance, good processing performance, and excellent comprehensive performance. Kitchen Cabinets using acrylic panels are colorful and extremely non-toxic, even if they are in contact with people for a long time, they are also harmless, and the gases generated during combustion do not produce toxic gases.

Tempered glass type: The door panel without plate design will bring simplicity to the extreme, strong and durable, glass material, high gloss, smooth surface, easy to clean, simple atmosphere.

Mirror resin board: Mirror resin board is still used in the Kitchen Cabinets market. Its properties are similar to painted door panels, that is, fashionable, colorful, and waterproof. But it is not abrasion-resistant, easy to scratch, and the high temperature resistance is not very good. Therefore, consumers with high color requirements and pursuing fashion can choose Kitchen Cabinets with mirror resin plates, but because they are easy to scratch, they should be carefully maintained.