Steps To Install Marble Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 08, 2020-

1. Move the prepared marble Kitchen Cabinets table to the area to be installed. If there is dirt or dust on the marble countertop, please clean it up.

2. The marble Kitchen Cabinets countertop is ready, so you can start cleaning the old tables and sinks. Pay attention to this step: if the cabinet on the table does not need to be replaced, the integrity of the cabinet should be guaranteed when the old table and sink are removed. Of course, if circumstances permit, we can start to clean the old countertops and sinks and remove the discarded products a few days before installing the new marble Kitchen Cabinets counter.

4. After the installation area is processed, the marble Kitchen Cabinets countertop can be installed. Please note that during this installation, you do not need to apply any glue. After the installation is complete, test the installation effect to see if the installation is appropriate. If the shape of the table is not a complete square or rectangle, it may need to be trimmed and perfected after installation.

5. After installing the marble Kitchen Cabinets, the next step is to install the backsplash and ensure that the backrest is tightly integrated with the wall. If there is a gap between them, it is necessary to take necessary adjustment measures.

6. When there is no problem in the area and edge inspection, 100% silicone adhesive can be used. Note: The silicone adhesive used here is best to use light color, and ensure that it is dry and clean. Since the adhesive is dry, its color will be displayed in marble, and the light color itself is not obvious, thus ensuring the appearance of marble.

7. After all steps are completed, stay for 8 hours and check whether the marble Kitchen Cabinets table is fixed on the cabinet.