Stone Slabs Make Wardrobes' Door Panels?

- Aug 28, 2020-

Recently, it is very popular for rock slabs to make Wardrobes swing doors, with their favorite textures, choose simple long handles, and add an open side cabinet on the side, a simple but not simple design. The door is also a swing door, and the door handles of the cabinet are hidden. The light gray Wardrobes are painted and matched with the blue wall. The shape is simple, but it also plays a role in expanding the sense of space. This design Still very suitable for small apartments. Wardrobes with desk bookcases is a relatively common design collocation. This combination of design features is more diversified, suitable for friends who do not have extra space at home to make bookcases. When it comes to the design of Wardrobes in small-sized bedrooms, the push-pull style is definitely indispensable, because it is more space-saving. Gray is also a color that has been popular with the public for a while, and it is also very good when applied to Wardrobes.