The Advantages And Disadvantages of Wardrobes' Use of Swing Doors

- Jul 22, 2020-

1. Wardrobes with swing doors open and close with low noise, so they can not occupy the walls on the left and right sides of the door opening. The use period is long, and the sealing, heat preservation and dustproof performance are relatively good, suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low-grade decorative doors.

2. Occupying space, you must not choose wood in the selection of materials to solve the problem of deformation and fear of moisture.

3. The height of the door is limited, the overall effect will be greatly reduced, if it is too high, you must make a split door.

Wardrobes usually place quilts and other infrequently used items on the upper part. It is recommended that the wardrobe over 2.4 meters be divided into two parts. If the flat door is also designed to the top, when the Wardrobes are often opened, the upper layer may be dusty.