The choose and buy skill of ambry

- Jan 09, 2019-

Look at the edge of the board. The sealing edge of high grade ambry is exquisite, smooth, feel is good, sealing line is straight and smooth, joint is fine. Linear edge sealing machine is used to complete the processes of edge sealing, cutting, trimming, chamfering and polishing at one time to ensure the most accurate size. And mill type small factory is to use brush besmear glue, artificial press sticks sealing edge, repair edge with wallpaper knife, polish with manual polishing machine, because pressure is not even, a lot of places are not firm, still can cause formaldehyde to wait for harmful thing to volatilize in the air.

Two look at drilling. Board type furniture is to rely on 3 in one to join piece assemble, the cooperate of aperture position and precision can affect the structural fastness of ambry casing.

Three see cutting board. Cutting board is the first working procedure of ambry production. Large professional enterprises with electronic cutting saw processing size through the computer input, by the computer control of the size of the material precision, and can be processed a number of plates, the performance of the equipment is stable, the plate size precision is very high, the tolerance unit in the micron.

Look at the door. Door plank is the face of ambry, as important as the face of the person. The door plate produced by small factory is easy to be affected by damp and deformed because of the improper treatment of the base material and surface technology.

See the assemble effect of ambry of a complete set of 5. Any dimensional error of production working procedure can behave go up in door plank, the ambry that small factory produces combination, door plank can appear door seam is not straight, clearance is not even, have greatly small.

Six see drawer slide rail. Although be very small detail, affect ambry quality however important part. As a result of hole position and dimensional error cause slideway to install dimensional to cooperate to go up to appear error, cause drawer to pull not smooth or left and right loose condition, notice drawer aperture even.