The common style of ambry

- Jan 09, 2019-

1, a glyph ambry: it is all electric equipment and cabinet are placed along one side wall namely, the job is in all along the line undertakes. This compact, efficient narrow kitchen design is suitable for small and medium-sized families or houses with only one person working in the kitchen at a time. If you use this design in a large kitchen, it can create too much distance between different functions. Can consider to use double row to connect mural ark or increase to connect wall tall ark, utmost ground USES metope space.

2, L form ambry does not look to just be much a corner, use the turn on this ambry, can add a lot of fun to the life of the kitchen, realize a lot of new functions. It is a practical kitchen design, also be the most common kitchen design, it is the ideal choice of little space. The ideal work triangle can be obtained by dividing the work area in this way between two connected walls. Stoves, sinks, sterilization cabinets, and refrigerators are equipped with work surfaces between each workstation to prevent spillage and crowding.

3, this is u-shaped ambry is in abroad most popular, general requirement kitchen area is larger. U model ambry is also the most practical on use, U form ambry is convenient take use of every article, can utmost ground USES a space to undertake cooking and store content, two people can be in the kitchen at the same time relaxed and busy. But the u-shaped kitchen is only suitable for kitchens with large Spaces. Avoid intersecting operating surfaces so that two people can work comfortably at the same time without colliding. Keep at least 120cm between two opposite rows of cabinets to ensure adequate space.

As long as the space allows, I think every host wants a u-shaped cabinet. In the kitchen, U ambry has better practical with beautiful sex. Because can change diversity, had higher requirement to the design of U ambry. On the design, U ambry should follow the principle below commonly, U form ambry instance is made realized partition processing above all, each different function of the kitchen additionally...

The ambry of U form, increase store content function. Want to enjoy the interaction between the family in cooking process already, want to catch up the newest trend of nowadays kitchen again, be in our little kitchen impossible? Challenge the confusion that the space causes to us, narrow kitchen does transform opportunely, make the kitchen everywhere close, become the enjoyment space that is full of convenience and appeal.

4, island ambry, what ambry island platform points to is independent at ambry outside, the individual operation area that has cabinet body below. Ambry island applies to open mode kitchen only, its biggest effect is to serve as the partition of kitchen and other space namely in contemporary decorate.

Island ambry has more operation mesa and store content space, facilitate much person works in the kitchen at the same time. A sink or oven/stove can also be installed on the kitchen island if necessary. Before deciding, check first whether can undertake the connection of the conduit of the lampblack machine of ambry island, circuit and ventilated pipe, make sure there is operation mesa between cooking range and cistern.

5, two character ambry, call corridor type kitchen again is to build two work and store content area along two sides opposite wall. This design is an advantage if food preparation is the focus of the kitchen. Corridor type kitchen does not need very big space, kitchen end has a door or window can.

In the design should pay attention to, two rows of opposite cabinets must maintain at least 120cm space between, to ensure that there is enough space to open the cupboard door. For a narrow space, a cabinet with a depth of 60cm can be selected on one side, and a cabinet with a depth of 35cm on the other side.