The Daily Maintenance of Overall Kitchen Cabinets Is Very Important!

- Jul 19, 2020-

Now the overall Kitchen Cabinets can not only place tableware, food, alcohol and other items, but also beautify the indoor space. High-quality Kitchen Cabinets, we must ensure that it has a sufficient life, daily maintenance is very important.

Kitchen Cabinets panels and countertops should use different cleaning methods according to different materials (quartz stone, artificial stone, stainless steel, fireproof board, natural stone, log, etc.). Try not to put dyed objects directly on the countertop. These chemicals have a certain erosive effect on the general countertop. For example, if the salt content on the stainless steel countertop will cause the stainless steel countertop to corrode and rust, so try to avoid directly Put oil, salt, sauce and vinegar directly on the countertop. If the Kitchen Cabinets countertop is made of artificial board, the surface should be wiped off in time if it is wet, so as not to penetrate to cause expansion deformation.