The Development of Modern Kitchen Cabinet

- May 13, 2020-

The prosperity of the market of Modern integrated cabinet makes Modern Kitchen Cabinet serves as furniture of indispensable form a complete set of Modern Kitchen, becoming an important mark of family life modernization. Nearly 10 years, the modernized degree that people decorates to the kitchen became higher and higher, cabinet function already developed from the basic form of initial kitchen cupboard to now integral cabinet or integral.Therefore, Modern Kitchen Cabinet has undergone revolutionary changes as the core structure of the modern home eating environment. The construction of the kitchen has also been made from functional and supporting types into an artistic type development cabinet that emphasizes quality and comfort. From the original simple construction to the In addition to integrated professional production, it not only undertakes storage, operation, cooking, cooking and washing and other functions, but also a multi-functional and comprehensive living space that integrates family connection emotions, catering guests, leisure and entertainment, and study and work, reflecting people's quality of life and fun hobbies.

The integrated cabinet first appeared in developed countries in Europe and America, and has a history of nearly 100 years. Affected by the spread of European and American Modern Kitchen Cabinet culture, China's overall kitchen cabinet market has developed rapidly, and a huge industrial market has been formed from design, production, sales to service. Over the years, people have truly felt the superiority brought by the design of Modern Kitchen Cabinet from the personal experience of the whole cabinet, such as reasonable layout space, convenient operation process, simple and bright colors, bright and fashionable style, sophisticated craftsmanship, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, etc. Modern Kitchen Cabinet design involves beautiful and attractive styling and advanced functional facilities. Its fashionable style, simple and applicable style, harmonious and natural colors, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, high-tech applications and their overall home decoration style harmony and unification are constantly enriching the connotation and extension of Modern Kitchen Cabinet culture.