The virtues of paint cabinet want to know here

- May 31, 2019-

Baking paint is actually a kind of paint process, the overall production process is complex and processing time is long, so its price is relatively high compared to other kinds of cabinets. But it is also such "serious" to ensure the value of stainless steel cabinets.


So what are the advantages of the paint cabinet?

Paint cabinet surface smoothness is relatively high, and has a certain reflectivity. When you choose products, you will find that the paint of paint cabinet feels thicker, looks fuller, and has a higher color value.

High surface smoothness

Environmentally friendly and healthy without fading

Cabinet paint has the advantage of non-fading. In the process of production, it is environmentally friendly and healthy. In the process of processing, it has experienced the choice of curing color.

In the kitchen, when we cook and stir-fry, we will inevitably bump against the knife. The paint cabinet has scratch resistance, so even if the door panel is bumped, there will be no trace.

Scratch resistance, high temperature resistance


The exterior of the paint cabinet is very beautiful, and it doesn't need too much attention to do maintenance. If stains occur, gently wipe them with a wet towel.