Three Key Points For Children Wardrobes Customization

- Aug 26, 2020-

1. Dimensional design

The design of children Wardrobes should be based on the height of the child and the size of the apartment. The internal space layout should be consistent with the use of children at all stages of development. For example, the design of the drawer must be combined with the height of the child to avoid hidden safety hazards when the drawer is opened.

2. Security

Every piece of furniture used by children must be considered safe. Children Wardrobes must have strict standards. For example, some children Wardrobes have obvious sharp corners. If they accidentally hit these sharp corners, they are very prone to bruises. In order to prevent children from being injured, they can be wrapped or rounded. When choosing, you can also try to choose Wardrobes with smooth edges.

3. Door panel design

Wardrobes door panels, as children's objects, must be more robust, stable and durable. It is best to choose a thicker plate. The thickness of the door plate is 10mm or 12mm. The style and color can be combined with the personality and preferences of the child.