Three Points For Designing Children Wardrobes

- May 24, 2020-

1. Environmental protection

Customized Wardrobes sheets are optional. Children Wardrobes use formaldehyde-free multilayer boards with high environmental protection grades. In the choice of color, try to choose pure white and natural wood color to minimize the harmful formaldehyde and harmful pigments to children.

2. Security

Every piece of furniture used by children must be considered for safety. Children Wardrobes must have strict standards. For example, some children Wardrobes have obvious sharp corners on their edges. If they accidentally hit these sharp corners, they will be easily injured. . In order to avoid injury to children, wrap or arc can be used. When choosing, you can also choose Wardrobes with smooth edges.

3. Dimensional design

The size design of children Wardrobes should be determined based on the height of the child and the size of the apartment, and the internal space layout should be consistent with the use of the child at all stages of development. For example, the design of the drawer must be combined with the height of the child to avoid opening the drawer. Hidden safety hazards.