Tips For Choosing A Good Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 07, 2020-

Kitchen Cabinets are very important furniture in the kitchen. Only with Kitchen Cabinets can the kitchen become neat and beautiful. What are the tricks for choosing Kitchen Cabinets?

1. Look at the thickness of the plate

The thickness of the board determines the pressure resistance of Kitchen Cabinets. The thickness of the main cabinet is generally 16mm.

2. Look at the moisture resistance

When choosing Kitchen Cabinets cabinets, it is necessary to optimize the moisture-proof treated panels.

3. Look at the surface treatment of the cabinet

The surface colors of Kitchen Cabinets are mainly sub-white, off-white, warm white, etc. The color is related to the quality of the surface material. Among them, warm white is better, but relatively costly.

4. Look at the back panel of the cabinet

In order to make more profits, some businesses may use a single-sided backplane. In other words, the back panel of the Kitchen Cabinets is exposed, so that the harmful gases in the board are particularly volatile and easily affected by humid gases.