Toilet furniture chooses a point

- Jan 09, 2019-

1. The material must be environmentally friendly and waterproof to adapt to the humid environment between the bathrooms.

2. Hardware accessories shall be made of moisture-proof stainless steel or special aluminum products to prevent rust and ensure durability.

3 appropriate choice hangs wall type or ark leg taller, can isolate ground moisture effectively.

4. The bath cabinet shall ensure that there is enough space for the access pipe's maintenance position and drainage hole, so as not to interfere with maintenance and repair.

When choosing woodiness bathroom ark, must dry wet depart. Below the circumstance with lesser bathroom space, setting shower room or shower screen is the most effective means.

6. High-grade bathroom furniture in the selection of basic wood, moisture-proof board, density board as the base material, with exquisite surface treatment technology to resist the invasion of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet, to ensure that the base material used in the bathroom for a long time, will not be deformed cracking.

7. If the overall area of the bathroom is very large, you can try an independent bathroom collection cabinet, so that the bathroom collection cabinet can be divided into different categories to place items for each family of three.

8 change the door that receives ark into make up lens, close cupboard door to be able to use it to arrange appearance, it is the good helper that receives bathroom things, make full use of a space at the same time, can say is kill two birds with one stone.

9. Green bathroom cabinets should not use chlorine-containing plastics, and should not add any substances containing lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and their compounds, halogenated organic compounds or phthalates to the plastics.