Two Main Advantages of All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

- May 24, 2020-

1. Zero formaldehyde environmental protection

The feature of zero aluminum formaldehyde in the characteristics of all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets has to be mentioned. This is a very important point that distinguishes it from other sheet furniture. Kitchen Cabinets are basically made of adhesives, and formaldehyde is an indispensable raw material. Therefore, the form of Kitchen Cabinets cannot be separated from formaldehyde. All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets has fundamentally solved this healthy "big trouble".

2. Waterproof and fire resistance.

The kitchen is inseparable from water and fire. Wooden Kitchen Cabinets tend to be damp and moldy after several years of use. This is determined by the natural characteristics of wood. All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets are changed to aluminum profiles due to the material. Aluminum has the characteristics of not rusting and can be suitable for long-term humid environment. The melting point of aluminum alloy is also thousands of degrees, and it is fire-resistant. Therefore, all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets can perform very well in the kitchen.