Wardrobe open door VS wardrobe sliding door, who would you choose?

- May 04, 2019-

As a common furniture, wardrobes have been spoiled since ancient times. Girls, fashion Barbies, cool rides and so on are all part of the wardrobe. At present, the most popular wardrobe is open door wardrobe and push door wardrobe, so open door VS wardrobe push and pull door wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe, who is better? Who will you choose?


Advantages of Opening Wardrobe Flat Door

1. Strong practicability

Because the door of the open wardrobe is open outwards, the practical area of the wardrobe is more sufficient, the space capacity is larger, and the small items can be designed to receive behind the door, so the utilization rate is higher.

2. Good sealing

Flat door has better sealing property and is not easy to fall ashes and damp.

3. long life

Compared with push-pull doors, open door wardrobe is more durable, even if the service life is longer, as long as the door is not corroded, as long as the replacement of hardware such as hinge can also be used continuously!


Advantages of closet sliding doors

1. Save space

Wardrobe sliding doors can be said to be the gospel of small apartments. Push-pull door wardrobe mainly uses the space on the straight line, the opening and closing of cabinet door occupies the area of sliding track. The area of sliding track is much smaller than that of flat door, so the push-pull door wardrobe will not cause space pressure for users.

2. Various styles

Wardrobe sliding door can be said to be a wardrobe with personality. Whether it is designed from the outside of the wardrobe or arranged from the inside capacity of the wardrobe, the wardrobe sliding door can be said to be an outstanding one. And push-pull wardrobe is usually embedded in the wall, lightweight and convenient, visually more fashionable, in line with the needs of modern people to pay attention to personalization.