Wardrobes Maintenance Advice

- May 26, 2020-

The cabinet plates used by our company Wardrobes are of good quality. The surface of Wardrobes is specially treated to have antibacterial and anti-aging functions, and generally does not require special maintenance. Pay attention to the following points during daily use:

1. Avoid humid environment, often open the door to ventilate, to ensure the air circulation in Wardrobes.

2. Avoid water seepage on the wall and check the wall frequently. If there is water seepage, please repair it in time (water seepage on the wall is easy to breed termites).

3. Avoid acid and alkali detergent liquids remaining on the surface of Wardrobes during the cleaning process, please wipe in time.

4. Avoid the impact of hard objects, don't let hard metal objects hit Wardrobes, and protect the surface from scratches and affect the appearance.