Waterproof Performance of Bathroom Cabinets

- May 29, 2020-

In the field of Bathroom Cabinets, there are two major categories: wooden Bathroom Cabinets usually only have three styles of European neoclassical, Chinese neoclassical and rural garden, but the modern sense is not good; the modern sense of metal Bathroom Cabinets is strong enough, but it is neoclassical The expressiveness of the rural style is obviously insufficient. From a functional point of view, wooden Bathroom Cabinets have poor waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, bacteria-proof, and insect-proof performance, and they are easy to crack and deform after a long time. Mildew, anti-bacteria, and insect-proof are better, but it gives a cold feeling. The general view is: wooden Bathroom Cabinets are more high-end, but not waterproof and moisture-proof; metal Bathroom Cabinets are waterproof and moisture-proof, but the grade is not high. But in terms of style performance, they are incomplete. In the situation where there are fatal deficiencies in the two existing categories, the market calls for a revolutionary new category.