What are the advantages of integrated cabinets?

- Jun 06, 2019-

Our way of kitchen decoration is usually to put some kitchen appliances on the cabinet, such as microwave oven, oven, electromagnetic oven and so on. There are also some places in the kitchen will put other kitchen appliances, so that the kitchen looks particularly messy, now there is a new way of decoration, can be a good solution to the kitchen disorderly problem. That's the integrated cabinet. Maybe you've heard about this kind of cabinet. Next, let me introduce the knowledge of integrated cabinet.


I. What are the advantages of integrated cabinets?

1. Integrated cabinet is a popular way of decoration. This kind of cabinet assembly method has broken the previous cabinet installation mode. The cabinet is a simple house with some chopsticks, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances are independent individuals. It also occupies space and is not beautiful.

2. This kind of integrated cabinet matches some kitchen appliances such as lampblack machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and so on in a very systematic way. They are perfectly integrated in the cabinet. The overall effect is very uniform.  Great space savings. In this way, the kitchen's activity space is correspondingly large.

3. This way of decorating the kitchen brings a simple feeling to the whole family decoration. And integrated cabinet is more suitable for open kitchen. This more reflects the aesthetic feeling of the whole home decoration. It's also very convenient to use Qitai. You don't have to make a kitchen running around.


2. What is the structure of integrated cabinet?

1. This kind of integrated cabinet is framed by stainless steel. This material is very hard, so you don't have to worry about the frame deformation when installing large electrical appliances. For example, electric ovens, gas stoves and other heavy appliances can be installed at ease.

2. The inside of the integrated cabinet is completely non-toxic and pollution-free plastic built-in. This material is treated at high temperature. And they can be bought in stores or in some cabinets. So it's very convenient to replace. The market for use is also long. And the service life of this material is very long.

3. What should we pay attention to when installing integrated cabinets

1. When installing integrated cabinets, we should pay attention to the spatial structure of our kitchen. If the kitchen area is relatively small, the space behind the balcony is not special, so it is not recommended to choose this way of cabinet, kitchen can drink the living room restaurant connected can choose this way of installation, that is, what we often call open kitchen.

2. When choosing cabinet materials, they must conform to the style of home decoration. For example, Chinese can choose wood materials. There are also metal materials, in the collocation should also pay attention to the use of color. Integrated cabinets should also pay attention to color matching. If the design is the same color, it will be very monotonous, so you can match the frame and the cabinet door in color, so the effect will be better.