What Are The Characteristics of Intelligent Bathroom Cabinets?

- Jun 05, 2020-

Several features of intelligent waterproof Bathroom Cabinets:

1. Low-carbon environmental protection: using tableware grade 304 stainless steel, aviation magnesium aluminum alloy as the main material of Bathroom Cabinets, does not contain any radioactive substances, can be recycled and reused, is the low-carbon environmental protection technology material strongly supported by the country today.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: The interior of the Bathroom Cabinets is filled with aluminum honeycomb structure to ensure that the Bathroom Cabinets will not rust, mold and rot if washed with water.

3. Anti-mildew and Insect-proof: Water-proof Bathroom Cabinets successfully overcome the defects of wooden Bathroom Cabinets with beautiful and diverse appearance but not waterproof, mildew-proof, and insect-proof. Pure stainless steel Bathroom Cabinets have simple industrial shapes, single style and low quality. The unit is waterproof, durable and beautiful.

4. Lightweight and tough: Bathroom Cabinets panels creatively use a low-carbon and environmentally friendly metal honeycomb structure to achieve light, tough and never deformed bathroom cabinet products.