What Are The Characteristics of Kitchen Cabinets That Use Painted Boards As Door Panels?

- Jun 27, 2020-

The base material of the baking paint board is the density board, and the surface is baked by high temperature baking after spraying the imported paint six times. The "baking paint" used for Kitchen Cabinets only illustrates one process, that is, the paint-treated substrate door panel is heated and dried into the drying room after painting. The characteristics of Kitchen Cabinets using painted boards are bright color, easy to shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the process level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price remains high. Care must be taken when using Kitchen Cabinets, fearing bumps and scratches, once damaged, it is difficult to repair, it should be replaced as a whole. Kitchen Cabinets may exhibit color differences in kitchens with a lot of oily fumes.