What Are The Daily Maintenance Methods of Wardrobes?

- Sep 19, 2020-

Wardrobes is the most frequently used furniture in daily life. It is mainly used to store various clothes and make the room a little cleaner. What are the daily maintenance methods of Wardrobes?

1. Because the main material of Wardrobes is wood, you should usually avoid contact with some corrosive liquids, otherwise it will easily damage Wardrobes and affect its service life.

2. If you want to maintain Wardrobes well, you should also pay attention to its cleanliness. Once you find dust on its surface, you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. For those serious dirt, you can use professional cleaning agent to clean.

3. In daily life, we must pay attention to the exposure of sunlight to Wardrobes. Once the direct sunlight is exposed for too long, wood cracking and deformation will occur.

4. In addition, if the room is too humid, Wardrobes will also be moldy, so daily ventilation and moisture are necessary. This will also ensure that the clothes in Wardrobes are clean and tidy without mold.

5. The drawers in Wardrobes should also be cleaned frequently, and if it is found to be difficult to pull, then it needs to be refurbished.

6. Generally, Wardrobes with pulleys will find it difficult to pull the sliding door for a long time, then you can drip some lubricating oil.