What Are The Main Points of Designing kitchen Cabinets?

- Jun 19, 2020-

Consumers usually care more about the functionality and ease of use of kitchen cabinets themselves. Designers may consider more than just the overall beauty and structure of kitchen Cabinets, but also pay more attention to the humanization and convenience during use. We have organized the following points.

1. The kitchen sink has a single sink and double sinks. If space permits or kitchen cabinets are large enough, it is recommended to use the double sink design, because the double sinks can separate dishes and dishes for cleaning, which is more hygienic.

2. For kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., some owners need to do kitchen cabinets to put such appliances into the cabinet, and consider the problem of heat dissipation. It is generally not recommended to put such appliances into kitchen cabinets. If it is really to be placed in the cabinet, it is appropriate to use a semi-open type, and there should be no less than a heat dissipation space around.

3. In the design of the floor cabinet, there must be a set of drawers. It is convenient to put some bits and pieces of things, such as plastic wrap, plastic bags, various small clips, small spoons, and various bottled beans. These items require multiple drawers to separate them. Placement!

4. Kitchen Cabinets must have open shelves, not everything is convenient to put in the cabinet. Foods such as honey and tea are best placed in a place where they can be seen. It is more convenient to use!