What Are The Steps To Customize Wardrobes?

- Aug 14, 2020-

1. Define the customization requirements, determine the storage function, the design position of Wardrobes, and choose the design style and appearance shape.

2. Communicate the design needs with the custom-made Wardrobes designer, understand the materials, design, service, etc. of Wardrobes, and determine the preliminary idea of the custom-made Wardrobes.

3. Make an appointment with the designer for on-site measurement. It is best to measure with the designer to ensure the accuracy of the size.

4. After measuring the size, the designer will come up with the design plan and quotation, and determine the design issues according to the plan and design department. Consumers should carefully check the size data and price.

5. Give the designed plan to the factory for production. The production time is generally about 20-50 days.

6. Wardrobes finished product transportation installation.