What should we pay attention to when buying solid wood wardrobes?

- Jun 08, 2019-

The following points should be paid attention to when purchasing solid wood furniture:

      1. Observe the quality of wood. Open furniture cabinet doors and drawers, and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is compact and delicate. If the furniture is made of particleboard, density board and primary forming board, the door or drawer should be opened without irritating odor.

      2. What kind of solid wood is made of, which directly affects the price and quality. In the north, high-grade solid wood furniture is usually made of yellow pineapple (also known as Phellodendron amurense, Berberis amurensis), Fraxinus mandshurica, Chinese catalpa and black walnut, while precious mahogany furniture is mainly made of "rosewood, chicken wing wood and rosewood". The market of solid wood furniture is quite chaotic. It is often a matter of second-best and confusing tree species. It is better to buy brand-name products. At the same time, it should be noted that the price of wood can only get higher and higher, and it is absolutely fraudulent to be too cheap.

      3. Observe the defect of wood. Furniture should not have large scars or cracks or cracks in its main force-bearing parts, such as load-bearing bars near the ground between pillars and connecting pillars. Structures are firm, frames must not be loosened, mortise and material breakage are not allowed. Don't buy "three pieces of furniture" with saw, nail and paint for particleboard; don't buy furniture with "three pieces of furniture" drawer with no mess, no mortise and no bottom. The components of wood-based panels used in furniture should be edge-sealed, and many parts, leaking nails and penetrating nails should be installed in all kinds of accessories.

      4. Turn chairs and cushioned furniture upside down to see how they are made. As for the table, check it from the bottom. See if the joints are strengthened with bolts and wedges, the strips are tightly fastened to the transverse brackets, and if there is any excess glue and fillers in the joints.

      5. Observe the surface strength.

The panel emphasizes that finger pressing can be used to feel the fastness of the panel. One side of the material should be fixed by a well-shaped fixing frame. If the skeleton is sparse, it will feel empty and false when pressing the surface, and the panel will flutter greatly. The bottom of drawer should be pressed by hand to test the strength. Generally, the bottom of the partition should be multi-purpose, and the large partition should be made of five-layer plate. The cabinet door and drawer switch should be flexible. When veneer and other materials are used to cover the panel, the colour and lustre of the product should be similar to that of the complete set. No wrinkling, sticking and leaking of paint are allowed on the surface of the product.

       6. Dovetail joint or butterfly joint is preferred for edge, top, front and back joints of furniture. Heavier furniture should be screwed in the corner with protective blocks, and stick well. As for the back plate, it is also necessary to check whether it is well inlaid and screw properly.