What Wardrobes Materials Are Environmentally Friendly?

- Jun 07, 2020-

1. Decorative panel

The decorative panel is made of plywood as the base material and is made by the adhesive process. The decorative panel is a high-level decoration material that is different from the oil mixing method. Its quality also determines the quality of Wardrobes.

2. Fire board

The fireproof board is made of a certain proportion of lightweight aggregate, fiber material, and chemical additives. It is a new type of Wardrobes material currently used. However, the fireproof board requires relatively high glue and good quality fireproofing during construction. Board prices are more expensive than decorative panels.

3. Wood shavings

Particleboard is actually a particle board. It is a kind of board that is made by cutting wood into pieces, after a series of drying, adhesive treatment, waterproofing agent, etc., and pressing at a certain temperature. The quantity of glue is relatively small, and many plate Wardrobes products currently on the market use this material.

4. Solid wood plate

The solid wood board Wardrobes uses natural solid wood, without any pollution, and is very environmentally friendly, but the solid wood board is more expensive and requires higher production technology.