Which Kind of Plate Is Good For Bedroom Wardrobes?

- Jul 18, 2020-

1. Solid wood

Customized overall Wardrobes is naturally the best choice of solid wood, without too much adhesive, more healthy and environmentally friendly than other boards, strong bearing capacity, long service life, but single style and color.

2. Large core board

The large core board is made of two veneer boards glued together with glue. The surface is smooth and smooth, with strong stability, and the processing is simple and convenient. Generally divided into plywood and plywood, the thicker the bearing capacity and the higher the strength, of course, the higher the price. Because large core boards use a large amount of adhesives in production, the formaldehyde emission is relatively high, and the veneer materials used by Wardrobes on the market are also not uniform and are prone to distortion.

3. Density fiberboard

Density fiberboard, also known as density board, is made of wood fiber or plant fiber as raw materials, and is processed and pressed into plates, which are divided into three types: high density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and low density fiberboard. The density is uniform, the strength is high, and the price is relatively low, but there are more adhesives used in the production process, and the environmental protection is poor. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof, it swells in water and is easily deformed.